Dressing up your Christmas Cards

If you’re like us your mailbox is full of holiday cards all month long. If you’re like me, you love checking the mail every ten minutes day to see whose beautiful card has arrived. I think people put so much time and effort into their cards, especially the ones with photos, that it’s shame for them to just sit in a pile with your bills. I always like to display our Christmas cards somehow. I love that people send you Christmas decor in the mail. It brightens your day and your house! Win-win!

In our old house I hung them from a ribbon along our mantle above our fireplace. How very traditional. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

In this house, I hung our three stockings at the fireplace and didn’t want to make it even busier by adding the cards. I wanted to do something a little different this year to switch it up and give the cards more prominence. I took advantage of the large amount of wall space we have because of our lack of wall decor.

Taking inspiration from IHeart Organizing I put our cards front and centre in about 2 minutes.

I can enjoy them and so can our guests.

All it took was some painters tape, so that I didn’t peel off the paint. It’s also my go-to tape because it’s always handy. I think I have a roll in every room in the house. And then I just put them together until they looked like a Christmas tree. I liked this idea because not only are the cards festive but the tree shape is an extra nod to the season. I also love that it can grow as your cards continue to roll in – you’ll just have a wider, taller tree. And did I mention it took me two minutes?

So yeah, I love it.

How do you display your cards? Anyone else make them into a shape? Anyone hang them from the fireplace or the staircase?


2 thoughts on “Dressing up your Christmas Cards

  1. I love this! In our old house I used to tape them to that wooden divider “thing” next to the door (with green painters tape!) This year, I strung them on a ribbon but lots of them overlap and I don’t care for it as much. We didn’t get as many cards this year as in the past but I certainly will give the tree formation a go next year. Thanks for the idea!

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