Looking forward to summer?

I was reading about children’s milestones and how to raise a self-sufficient kid.

H: Can you believe that by this summer Harry will be able to pour drinks into a cup? That’s crazy!

R: Good. He can bring me my beer this summer.


Thanks for sticking with me as I get back to a more regular posting schedule. I’m trying to get all our holiday stuff in order/take photos for posts. I don’t want to be talking about Christmas much longer. So I promise, I’ll try to wrap things up soon! (No pun intended… but I liked it.)


One thought on “Looking forward to summer?

  1. All he’ll need to be a self-sufficient little boy is to be able to eat peanut butter with his fingers and drink water from the garden hose. And maybe a little backpack for taking his favourite toys down to the playground, or visiting Grandma and Grandpa in London.

    Well, ok, maybe not quite all that by this summer, but soon. šŸ™‚

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