Here’s just a sample of what Harrison got for Christmas this year.

Lots of great learning toys (some that we haven’t even opened yet, as you can see).

See the whale in the middle of the photo? Love it! It’s the Moby Bath Spout Cover by Skip Hop. It fits over the bath spout so bath time is both fun and safer! How cute – and smart – is that?

The book in the photo (at top) represents the many, many books he received. And the toque represents the many adorable outfits and pjs he got. He and daddy actually got matching toques. I’ll try to snap a picture next time they’re out playing in the snow (if we ever get any).

I’m happy to report the toys haven’t completely over run our play space, but they definitely take up more room than blankies and rattles. How did this happen so quickly?

Do you have any tips on keeping kids toys from taking over your space? 


3 thoughts on “Spoiled

  1. I think I will be investing in one of those spout covers for eventual baths!

    I think the best way to organize toys is to buy clear bins/totes so you can see the contents and keep the small parts together and only bring out a few at a time. That way even if Harry is old enough for all the toys, he will not grow tired of them as quickly.

    I also limit what people buy for Nicholas. I asked for no toys this Christmas and he only got 1 that he can grow into once he is able to sit a little more confidently. We plan on doing 1 toy for Christmas and clothes and asking grandparents to contribute to his RESP. My nephews have way too much stuff and their basement looks like an explosion went off…

  2. We had a hammock in Rs room for his fuzzy toys. We had a dedicated play room when he was young.

    Our routine each year before the holiday was to sort through everything and send off unplayed with items to friends and relatives.

    Santa couldnt come if there was no room…

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