Ten months

Dear Harrison,

December 2011 was so full of great family memories. There’s so many things to tell you that I thought I’d just write ’em all out in a “Top Ten” -style list to re-cap your first ten months on the planet.

1. You started cruising around on the furniture.

2. Perhaps more importantly, you learned to get down. For a while you could pull yourself up. You could stand and play for a while once you were standing. But you couldn’t get down. You were just stuck until you’d fall or your dad or I would rescue you. You first learned to get down by doing the side splits, going down, down, down, until your bum was close to the ground and you would just sort of… flop.

3. You learned to wave. You wave at everything. Sometimes you wave with both hands. Your waving is so happy. It’s hard not to smile.

4. You started to clap your hands. I sing to you “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” and you get excited and wait while waving your arms until I say the “clap your hands” part (ie: your cue) and then you clap. Genius!

5. Grandpa C taught you how to take horsey rides. Then he taught you how to make the horsey go giddy-up. Then you showed him that grandpas never get to rest.

6. Your first visit to Santa.

7. Our first Christmas as a family. 

(Also demonstrating clapping)

8. You got your two front teeth for Christmas. Just days before, I saw one little white nub ready to pop out. The very next day there was a second one right along side it.

9. You started crawling on your hands and knees.

10. First tropical vacation. Now that we’ve visited Mexico, you can cross all the countries in North America off your Been-There list! (And I can too!)




7 thoughts on “Ten months

  1. Harrison … ten months already! Where has the time gone! It only seems like a short while ago that I first saw you, only hours old in the hospital. We all love seeing and hearing about your adventures through that wonderfull Mama of yours!

    Love you lots!

  2. Heather you’ll never know how much pleasure you bring us with your wonderful blogs and pictures, being so far away we miss out on all the little day to day things but this is truly next best thing. love you all. GGma at the Lake.

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