A late night post for ya to try to get through some posting back log that I’ve got going on.

I mentioned that my parents’ Christmas present to us was to take us to Mexico for a week. So all 7 of us (my parents, my brother and his wife, and the three of us) packed our bags for sunny Puerto Vallarta. We had an amazing time, and words really can’t describe how great the trip was so I put together a little slideshow for ya. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Mexico

  1. OMG I stayed there two times!!! No wonder it looked so familiar. They have clearly renovated and done some amazing landscaping but the shot near the beginning of the building looked so familiar!

  2. good times,great memories for you. So happy for your family that you were all able to be together (jealous). Whoever took the photos when you were zip lining did a good job you & R. so clear and the background blurred, cool.

    • Yeah… aren’t those ziplining photos cool? I love those panning shots too. That was a professional photographer. You weren’t allowed to take your own camera so they had one take pictures of everyone in the group. We had to buy the photos from him.

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