Harrison’s first haircut

On Saturday Harrison went for his first haircut. His hair has been the subject of much discussion since he was born. First, look at his hair! Then, he lost his hair. Will it be red? Will it be dark? Look at all that hair!

It was definitely in need of a trim. I had actually been meaning to trim around his ears for a while now. That seems to be the area that got out of hand first. Seemed simple enough. But being that I wanted his dad to be around for the first snip, and that I wanted to take pictures of the “big event” (for blogging) I kept putting it off. And by the time this weekend rolled around his hair was in need of a professional. I didn’t want to be responsible for giving him the haircut that resulted in embarrassing pictures of him (at least not on account of the haircut I gave him), so off to the salon we went.

You can see from this before picture just how long it was. It was starting to get close to his eyes.

As with everything so far, Harrison took this new experience in stride.

He got to have one arm out from under the cape so that he could wave at least one arm.

Chewing on the hair clip kept him occupied for a little while. Then the stylist had to do some quick cutting and fancy maneuvers.

His verdict?

I guess he’s not quite sure about how it turned out, but I think it looks much better!

Special thanks to my amazing and patient stylist, Kim. And to husbandman the photographer! xo


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