Weekend snapshots

We had a busy weekend and my trusty iPhone was there to capture much of what we did, so I thought I’d share some of what it saw.

First we went out and about on a few errands. Thought we’d check out HomeSense since we’re not usually in the neighbourhood. Can’t really remember what we went in there looking for, but I know we didn’t find it.

Saw this nice cabinet. We don’t have anywhere to put it, but I liked the wooden detail on the doors and the mirror.

I liked this sea-grass box/coffee table/ottoman-type thing. I still haven’t measured our space to see if it would work, but I kinda liked it.

I’ve got a crush on all things wood these days, so this wood patterned cut velvet pillow in deep red caught my eye.

As you can imagine HomeSense had lots of Valentine’s Day decor on their shelves. I liked this feathery heart. I don’t usually decorate for Valentine’s day, but I think this could be nice if you had the right spot for it. Or maybe you could hang it on your front door, or from a window. And it looks simple enough to DIY if you wanted. I think a red boa and a coat hanger would probably do the trick.

Then we stopped in at a Model Home grand opening for inspiration, gawking, and because we’re suckers for direct mail. We got invited. 🙂

We wandered through a huge 3600+ sq. ft home that was beautifully upgraded and designer decorated. I didn’t love everything about the house, but there were many drool-worthy places and spaces. Take this kitchen for example.

Or this mudroom, with laundry room that you can see through the door beyond. For this photo, I’m actually standing in the sunken area of the mudroom where the closet is. So imagine another 50 sq ft of entry space when you come in from the garage.

The master bedroom had this sweet spot called the Master Retreat. The love seat faces a double-sided fireplace shared with the bedroom and was decorated with a tv above.

The master ensuite didn’t spare any expense either.

And the kids rooms were so stinking cute!

And for a complete change of pace we hit up Walmart after our model home dreaming to source a media cabinet for our basement tv room. (Oh yeah… that’s why we went to HomeSense). We found a good parking spot near this space for families and I thought the icon was amusing. She’s not just pushing a baby she’s pregnant too! Or maybe she hasn’t lost all the baby weight? Either way, I think it’s amusing.

Harrison thought Walmart was relaxing. Maybe he was switched at birth. I’ve never described Walmart as relaxing.

We did manage to find a suitable media stand at Walmart for our components in the basement. On Saturday night our components were looking like this. The open-ness was becoming problematic because Harrison was pressing all the buttons, pulling on the Apple TV and generally just getting into things. See the blankets along the floor? That’s to hide the speaker wires. We needed a solution stat!

And after many hours of putting the hinges on incorrectly, putting the doors on incorrectly and then putting the doors on incorrectly again (yeah…) we finally got it put together and all the components put away. It now looks like this.

Much cleaner. Much more out of reach from infant fingers. The blanket stayed, for Kilger’s comfort. We’ll eventually run the wires behind the baseboards or something so we don’t have permanent blankets.

And that was it! Glad we got to spend so much family time this weekend.

What did you guys get up to? Any product sourcing? Did you build anything? Perhaps struggled to put something together by reading the ambiguous instructions wrongly? Anyone house hunting or see an inspiring space?


One thought on “Weekend snapshots

  1. I love that cabinet thing from Home Sense! And I laughed out loud at the Walmart sign. Most places have 1 sign for expectant mothers OR mothers with young children. They combined the picture but seemed to forget to do the same with the wording 🙂

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