It’s curtains for all of us!

Sadly, I mean that in the bad, things didn’t work out way, rather than the we’re getting curtains way.

I get emails from West Elm all the time. It’s one of my favourite stores despite being primarily US-based and only recently shipping to Canada (finally). So yesterday I saw that they were having a sale on drapes and were also throwing in free shipping. Sounds right up my alley!

I clicked on the link in the morning when I checked my emails and eventually got around to browsing the site late last night.

There are so many great patterns, but I found one that I really love that’ll go perfectly in our family room. I sent the link to husbandman and even he approved. Yay!

It’s the Cotton Canvas Printed Tortoise Window Panel. I love that they’re a nice combination of soft creamy white and the dark grey/browns that we have going on in the room. Since we already have blinds on the windows, I’m not worried about privacy so the fact that these beauties are on the sheer side is just fine by me. I’m also a sucker for a circle motif since that was the thread that tied our whole wedding together (since I married an Oh‘Leary) so these drapes really stood out to me. And to top it off, the idea of starting to put a little dent on one of my house resolutions by adding drapes as one of the “finishing touches” on our family room was really making me giddy.

I re-measured our patio doors just to be sure of the length that I wanted to order and started the process by adding them to my cart. After getting most of the way through I see that even though they are deeply discounted the total still seemed high. Then I realize, no free shipping to Canada. And the duties and taxes! That added an additional $30 ($22 for shipping – which is outrageous, and $8 in duties and taxes). So, although $80 does still seem like a good deal for two panels, it’s a lot to a bargain hunter like me. And I figured I could save that money somehow so I didn’t want to pay it if I didn’t have to.

So then I thought that maybe I could order them to my brother’s US ship-it location. I’ve done it before and since he lives on a border town and crosses frequently he could pick them up for me like he always does because he’s such an awesome brother. But alas, West Elm won’t let you ship to a US address without a US billing address.

So THEN, I thought maybe I could ship it to my friend who lives in Connecticut and who just so happens to be coming up for a visit in a few weeks. I’d pay him back all the costs and save on the delivery charges. What a genius idea, I thought. So I went through the whole process of setting him up as the billing address and shipping address only to get to the checkout and find that these drapes are backordered.

BOO! Sad face. Extra BOO!

But they’re not just on backorder for a few weeks. No, they’re on back order until JULY 29!!! That’s one, two, three, four, five, almost 6 full months away!

I’m not holding out much hope that these will eventually end up in our family room. By July I’m sure something else will have come up on sale, or maybe I’ll have taken that sewing class and I can sew some myself. I do take it as a sign that I have good taste, though. In the end I think these curtains were not meant to be.

But if you think they were meant to be and you know where you can find some,  I need two 96″ panels.


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