California dreamin’

All the leaves are gone, and the sky is grey and I’m dreamin’ of an organized closet.

We had California Closets come in this week to help us figure out a few plans for our master closet.

As part of my “Master Plan” (ba-boom ching!) to turn our bedroom into a retreat as part of my house resolutions, finding good storage solutions for our clothes is key.

We inherited a large reach-in closet that is fully double-hang. Although, the size is great, the closet is just not working for us. There’s not enough folded storage space, there’s an awkward long-hang space, and it’s just plain awkward to get at a major portion of the closet. As a result, the closet has devolved into this:


On the right the closet goes all the way to the corner. On the left the closet space goes to about 8 inches or so from the corner. (Approximate estimate based on reaching my arm in after I took this photo).

As you can see, it is large, but we are certainly not in charge. It makes me antsy just looking at it. We lack space for folded clothes in the room in general, and what ends up happening is clean, folded laundry ends up in piles. Piles that end up toppling over, or being sorted through and getting unfolded, and creating some floor and top-of-dresser clutter that is just doesn’t scream “restful space”. It just screams.

We’re still looking into other options because the California Closets option is pretty pricey.

Here’s what our consultant came up with:

Option 1:

This option allows us to keep our current closet doors and to get double-hang, long hanging (on my side) and shelving.

Option 2:

This option takes advantage of the depth of our closet beyond the doors. We lose about 1 foot of hanging space if we were to go with option 2. This option is still really an awkward reach into the back corners of the closet.

Option 3:

Option 3 is almost identical to Option 1, but the long hanging is placed at the far right. Christina, our consultant, planned this one out, so that we could consider changing our bi-fold doors to something else if we wanted to so that we could more easily access the whole closet. We could consider sliding doors, or two sets of double doors, or maybe even something like this from one of my favourite Sarah Richardson rooms.

Sorry about the blurriness. I took this photo of the tv with my phone. I couldn’t find this angle of the room online anywhere.

So for now we’re just dreamin’ while we try to source a few other options and get them priced out. I really like option 3 best and think a change in doors could actually add some interest to the otherwise boring, boxy room. (Just like Sarah did). This weekend we’re going to measure it out, and do some figuring to see if we can DIY a door change. If we think it’s beyond our scope we’ll call a handyman for a quote on reconfiguring the doors. And then depending on the quote decide to go with another option or start saving our pennies for some door work and a new closet system.

Which one do you like? Anyone else getting organized this week? Or getting organized to get organized?


8 thoughts on “California dreamin’

  1. it is definitely a job you can do. Pre hung doors from homedepot rona etc…
    Doesnt look like anything at all structural (check wiring and plumbing tho) if you plan to take out the end wall bits for easier access.

    I like two small doors (like in Sara’s pic) instead of a big one because the larger the door, the larger the “floor area sweep”, meaning banging the door into other walls/furniture.

    sliders take the least space but are often pretty boring and dated.


    • Yeah – I don’t think that we have to worry about electrical or plumbing since that wall/closet is simply shared with the closet of the spare bedroom.

      I agree about the sliders. I see the multi-door option as a way to add some interest to the room, and maybe even mirror like in Sarah’s design. I hadn’t really fully considered the effects of the doors, but the small doors would be good so we don’t take up more floor space.

      Also, want to come and do the work for us? 😉

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