Eleven months

Dear Harrison,

Your eleventh month started in grand fashion by ringing in a new year. Welcome to 2012 little buddy! Not only did you turn 10 months old, but you turned 10 months old in Mexico and got to hang out on a beach! You could teach a few lessons on how to celebrate a birthday.

As you’ve already read, you’ve done your fair share of travelling in a short amount of time. You’re a happy traveller, because… well you’re a happy kid. But I have never seen you so happy as when we came home from our trip to Mexico. Of course, originally we landed in Ottawa, and then stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, but I mean you were so happy to see your house. Your stuff. Your CATS! You had the biggest grin on your face as if you had given up all hope of seeing our house again, but now here you were. Home at last. And you were so pleased to be seeing it all again.

It made me so happy to see you so happy.

As parents you hope that you don’t screw up your kids too much, and that you’re creating a positive home environment for them. It definitely made your dad and I feel like we’ve made a good home for you. So thanks for being so happy and bringing so much joy to our home.




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