Mourning period is over

I don’t really want to talk about it, but since I posted about the Super Bowl, and now that my week of mourning is over I’ll just say a few words.

First I should say congratulations to husbandman who cheered for the winning team.

We had a great crowd for the game (15 adults, 4 babies, 1 toddler and one fan on the way), and awesome tailgating food including three delicious versions of guacamole!

We watched the half-time show. I think I’m the only person who missed the faux-pas that caused much ado.

Being in Canada we don’t get to watch the Super Bowl commercials that companies pay millions of dollars for, but we do get the odd new Canadian commercial that is meant for the Super Bowl crowd. Since my “real” job is in marketing, I’m a sucker for the commercials. Here’s my favourite:

So, despite the fact that my team didn’t win I had a great time and was glad to see so many fans crowd around our coffee table to enjoy the game and our time together. See you all next year!


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