Party Time!

It’s that time of year! If you’re an awards show junkie, a football fan, a hopeless romantic, Irish, or just generally like to have a good time this is an awesome time of year because there’s a good excuse everywhere you turn to throw a party.

By the way, I’m all of those things. Okay, I’m Irish by marriage. Minor detail.

I love planning and throwing a party. Right now I’ve got Harrison’s first birthday party on the brain.

Despite the invitation list that got a bit long I’m trying to keep things low-key, low-cost, and light and fun.

One thing that’s easy to do and seems to help keep me organized and from going crazy with every idea I see on Pinterest is to pick a theme and stick with it. Our theme isn’t really a theme so much as a “motif” but it’s going to help make decor decisions and just give the party a pulled together look.

What did I choose? What could be easier or more festive than balloons? So that’s what I’m going with.

I made the invitations using a combination of Picasa/Piknik and Word. I’m not too handy with PhotoShop (not to mention I don’t have it on my home computer), so this is definitely something most people can do at home.

I just printed two to a page on white card stock that I already had on hand. I wrote his friends’ names on the back with a crayon with my left hand to give it a little bit of Harrison flair.

I’ll be posting about more details of the party as I put them together, so stay tuned.

Anyone else planning a party? Got any great first birthday party stories to tell? Anyone rolling out the red carpet for the Oscars, or going to Mardi Gras? That’s next week!


7 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. Heather – I’m a recovering blog addict. I used to read blogs like it was my job! I finally had to un-follow all ‘my’ blogs on Google Reader so that I could return to some normalcy and do things that matter, like shower and eat, Luckily, I still make *some* time for blogs – like yours! Have you ever checked out Oh Happy Day? I think you’d like it. Here’s a great balloon related post –

    • Aww, Marj! That’s so sweet. I’m glad you take the time to read my blog. I’m honoured I made it into your rotation, even though it may occasionally keep you from eating. 😉

      I have seen Oh Happy Day but I haven’t added it to my read rotation. I think I’ll do it.

      Love the balloon fortune idea. Not sure if that would go over well with infants/toddlers, though!

  2. I’m with Grandma in Dartmouth I adore your writings and sure hope you are keeping hard copy somewhere for the future. Harrison is the lovliest being ever. I suspect his parents have something to do with it. love Grandma at the Lake.

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