The Solutions Solution

We have a solution to our closet woes and it is called Solutions. Over the weekend, we hit up the Solutions store to source more options for our master closet (and backdoor/garage entry closet), since as I mentioned previously the California Closets option was pricey.

Does anyone remember the Peanut Butter Solution? It scared me to death as a kid.

The trailer says it’s a “heartwarming comedy”, and granted I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but I did NOT think it was heartwarming or a comedy. I just thought it was scary. I haven’t seen it since. This shouldn’t surprise people who know me. Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery day was also a no-go for me. Those Woozles were freaky, man!

But I digress.

We checked out the Solutions displays and had their closet specialist show us our options and price out pretty much the same configurations that California Closets had offered. The Solutions option had a few more limitations than a completely custom option, but there was also A LOT of flexibility and our consultant definitely knew her stuff and was quick to offer new options to solve any “problems” that we could throw at her.

We saw that the custom closets were on sale and Sunday, the day we were there, was the last day. Talk about perfect timing!

After a lunch break to calm a hungry husband baby, and to discuss taking the leap (it’s still a big purchase), we decided to go for it and buy the closet solutions while the sale was on and get this organizing show on the road.

If you read any of the comments in my last post about closets, you may know that we have a cold air return on the left side of the closet. Because moving that to reconfigure closet doors would be out of our budget we were left with “Option 1” type configurations. We’re happy with it since even “Option 1” configurations should give us much more functional, usable space.

California Closets options for both our master closet and our hall closet came to a total of $2000.10 after taxes (with free installation).

The Solutions options for both our master closet and our hall closet came to a total of $685.87 after 30% discount and taxes (DIY installation).

For a total savings of a WHOPPING $1344.23!!!

There were so many orders due to the sale that our order won’t be ready for pick up until the weekend. Again, this was great news to us, since California Closets would’ve been a four to six week wait. So this weekend we pick up the pieces of our closet. Since it’s a long weekend and friends are visiting we are not likely to give them a second look, but hopefully I’ll be sharing shockingly awesome after photos very soon.

This post is not to discount California Closets, because they certainly do an amazing job (why we called them in the first place), and offered great solutions and a great product. And I wasn’t paid, swayed, or perked for choosing Solutions, I’m just sharing what’s going on at our house.

So? What’s up with you guys? Anyone else score some major savings on a house project? Anyone getting organized over the long weekend? Anyone have crazy irrational fears of “heartwarming comedies” or Disney classics? No? Just me? Okay then. 


2 thoughts on “The Solutions Solution

  1. I had never heard of this “Peanut Butter Solution” movie. I watched the trailer… and it kinda spooked me at age 30! I’m with ya!

    So glad you got a solution to your closet lack of organization. Can’t wait to see photos!

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