Weekend project: Hall closet

Wanted to pop in with a before shot of our back door/garage entry/mud room (if you can call it that!) This weekend, we are tackling this bad boy by installing our new closet organizer that we purchased at Solutions.

Don’t judge me. Here are the befores:

It’s a disaster. I’ll partially blame the insanely mild winter we’ve had. We’ve got all manner of footwear and outerwear at the back door. It’s our main entrance to the house since we park both cars in our garage. We have runners, boots, flats, snow boots, and yes I even have a pair of flip flops or two hiding in there. We have scarves, mittens, ball caps, and spring, fall, and winter coats. I’ll also blame our lack of mail solution. I’m hoping this project will spur some creativity and a solution for that as well.

As you can see we have built in shelving on the right. I like having some shelving in the closet as a place to put things down when you first step in and for baskets for corralling all of our loose items like toques (this is a Canadian blog afterall), mittens, gloves, scarves etc. As you can see, because it’s disorganized it’s become a catch-all for all kinds of stuff.

It’s difficult to tell from this photo but in addition to the shelving we have two rows of plastic shelving hooks (4 hooks each) that hang on the perpendicular wall. Apparently 8 hooks are not enough for our coats, bags, the diaper bag etc. since most of these are laden with more than one item. This causes much overflowing and not an easy way of finding your coat, or putting it away.

Yep. We even have our cleats hanging out in there. One of the major problems with this closet as I see it, is the shelving unit goes all the way to the floor. That means that we can’t run a floor mat along the floor because no traditional-sized ones will fit. Our new closet solution keeps the shelving off the floor.

This is the view from our family room (we have a sliding door that can be closed to divide the spaces). You can see that it’s a pretty tight space. I hope the organizer will help keep clutter at bay and shoes out of the way so that we can actually open the door without crashing into them. I’ll have to share a floor plan of this area some day. I will call it “Door City” because you can see in this photo alone 4 door/doorways!

Before we get to the building and organizing, we’ll have to take it all down and repair the walls. I’m hoping I can work in a little bit of “prettify-ing” (that’s a word, right?) into this closet space too.


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