Weekend Project: Hall Closet After

We did it!

We installed our hall closet organizer this weekend. And it was so simple!

First we had to remove all the clothes, and other stuff that was stashed in the closet.

Check out our bulbous coat hooks that were not far enough apart to make the bottom hooks very usable/accessible.

Our family room, specifically our couch, paid the price for the purging of closet items.

The bulb hooks came out quickly and easily with just two screws each. The shelving was surprisingly easy as well. It was only screwed into the wall with one screw (yep, just one!) in the top part of the shelving. The upper shelves were attached to the lower with little dowel pegs. Once all the old was out, the closet was a clean slate.

Sort of. There was a piece of wood supporting an upper shelf that pried out easily. And we needed to patch all the holes made by the screws from this closet organizer, and clearly other closet organizers past. There were way more than 5 screw holes in the closet.

Roland wanted to inspect my work so far.

This project was so quick I forgot to take more progress pictures. So I’ll just quickly break it down for you.

We patched the holes and smoothed other dents etc. Then sanded the whole closet down, and then wiped it with a damp cloth to pick up the dust. Then I gave the closet a quick coat of paint. I used Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth since I had it on hand. I actually was able to do the whole closet with just a test pot of paint that I had purchased before our kitchen and family room paint job. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t a great paint job (it’s dark in that closet, okay?) so I wouldn’t say that the closet is fully covered. But, it’s a closet, and I didn’t think it warranted going all the way to the paint store to have my new unopened gallon of paint re-shaken just for a few touch ups.

The closet installation itself was really simple too. All of the pieces actually hang all on one rail. Once your top (horizontal) rail is installed and level all you need to do is hang your vertical rails where you want them, and pop on the shelves/coat rails where ever you’d like! Easy Peasy.

So here’s the AFTER photo you’ve been waiting for.

I LOVE it! It feels so organized and spacious. We put everything back in the closet that we took out. Isn’t that amazing?

I’d like to add a few more touches to make it a bit more functional. I’d like to grab a few S-hooks at Home Depot so that I can hang a couple of my most used bags in the closet from the coat rail. I’d like to find a small tray so that dropping a few things on the top shelf (on the right) is easy as we enter and things literally don’t slip through the cracks. And finally, I need to pick up a floor mat or boot tray for the newly opened floor space to corral our boots/shoes and protect the floor.

And one more look.


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