Harrison’s birthday present

I am so excited about Harrison’s birthday present that I just had to share it with you now!

I first learned about the I am Here Custom Play Mat by NeededWanted in my January issue of Today’s Parent magazine. They had a round up of the best floor mats and I “pinned” it in my head when I saw it. A couple of days later I mentioned it to Roland and he said he had noticed it too when he had flipped through the magazine. It was settled at that moment. This would be our gift to Harry for his first birthday.


This company allows you to customize your very own play mat of anywhere in the world. You simply fill out your address and the artist sends you proofs for you to approve. Your child will not only have fun playing “cars” or make-believe, but will also learn all about their very own neighbourhood while they play.

You can identify your house with a heart, an X, or a star. You can even choose to identify parks with grass or trees.

My photos show the mat as much brown-er than it is in real life. It’s much more like the image at the top from NeededWanted website. (Sorry the lighting was bad).

To say I was excited to open it when it arrived in the mail would be an understatement. I doubt that Harry will appreciate this right away, but I think it’s a special gift that he will have for a long time.

We opted for the medium size 28″ x 45″ mat and upgraded for the 18 oz vinyl in the hopes that this will be a well-loved mat that will stand the test of time (and a busy boy).

You might have noticed that we have a lot of courts in our neighbourhood. We do, and it kinda makes our mat look unusual, but it also includes the major routes/roads in the neighbourhood. By working with the artist we were able to also incorporate the green trails that wind through our neighbourhood too. We requested one proof that included Harrison’s future elementary school, but the rest of the mat didn’t incorporate enough other roads that we wanted to have on the mat so we opted for this version.

It was great working with NeededWanted and they were open to our suggestions and were quick to respond.

PS: Happy Leap Day! Harrison is technically a year old today. 365 days old, but tomorrow is his birthday. Quite the strange first birthday circumstance, don’t you think?

So what about you guys? Anyone customizing or personalizing anything lately? I think it’s such a great gift idea. Anyone getting ready for a birthday?

I love it! I can’t wait to give it to Harry on Saturday at his birthday party.


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