A little bit of everything

First I wanted to share this video that a friend of mine originally posted to Facebook. I played a lot of hockey in this arena and actually new the man who the building was named after, Si Miller. If you’ve played hockey you know that your home rink is special. But I love this video because it’s not just about arenas, it can be any sports “cathedral”. Your home court, your home field… whatever. So much history both big and small takes place in these barns. It’s sad to see them go.



On a completely different note I’m blowing up balloons this afternoon in preparations for Harrison’s party tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t pass out! I’ve got friends coming over to call 911 help out, so any blue-in-the-face-edness should only be from me chatting their ears off. I’ll also be hanging the banner, putting the props together for the photo booth and setting up his guest book.

I’m so excited to celebrate my special guy! I’ll put up pictures next week for sure!

I can smell the brownies baking so I’d better go. Happy Friday!



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