Harrison’s birthday party

Boy, was that a great time! Now I know why people say the first birthday party is really for the parents, because I had so much fun. I guess this post took so long because I needed time to recover.

But let’s get right into it, shall we? As I mentioned in my inspirations post I was going with a balloon theme. I tried to keep the decorating simple. The balloons were fun and colourful and super easy to pull off. Oh, and did I mention cheap-o!

I hung a rainbow banner from the front windows. I had to pull out my grade school ROY G. BIV pneumonic more than once as I put this banner together.

I displayed all the monthly photos of Harry in his white onesie in the area I called “Memory Lane”. Below the photo display was Harrison’s time capsule, his “baby calendar” (that’s much like a scrapbook) as well as his guest book.

I displayed another set of monthly photos above the drink station. Each picture is labelled with the month so you can see how he changed month to month. The balloons you see are the ones I had stuck into the drink bucket.

I was inspired by similar guest books that I found via Pinterest and I think Harrison’s balloon guest book turned out great. Everyone’s balloon/thumbprint is attached by their name-string. I love how friends got creative and went with multi-colour balloons and signed their strings in different ways.

And I set up a little photo booth area so we’d have lots of opportunities to snap pictures of Harrison and all of his guests. I hung a Happy First Birthday banner on the wall that I made myself. (I’m going to try to make this a printable if I can figure out how to do that). I flanked the banner with two balloon bouquets tied down by a bag of peanut M&Ms.

I gathered up a bunch of costume-y type things that we had hanging around the house and added a few other hats and sunglasses that I picked up at the Dollar Store. I also made my own moustaches, lips and big red nose (made from a multi-pack of foam sheets bought at the dollar store) and propped them up in a baby bottle.

For food, I wanted to keep it simple, and when I say simple I mean REALLY simple. So I ordered pizza. I also had a veggie tray, and chips and salsa. My mother in-law and grandmother in-law sent the beautiful edible arrangement of fruit. The table runner is just wrapping paper that I also picked up at the dollar store.

In keeping with the balloon theme I made cupcakes and attached strawberry pull-and-peel licorice as the strings.

At some point, Harrison just started unwrapping one of the gifts that was in the gift pile, so we took that as a cue that we should open the presents. He was spoiled again with an unnecessary but very kind outpouring of gifts.

Then we sang him Happy birthday and I brought out the brownies with a powdered sugar 1 on top and I helped him blow out the candles.

If you’re thinking that he looks naked, that’s because I stripped him down to his diaper in preparation for the cupcake eating. Once he was appropriately attired I brought out a cupcake for him and then let him eat cake.

Finger-lickin’ good!


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