Back to Work

It’s Monday, and I’m back to work. I can’t tell you if I’ve cried, (because I prepped this post on the weekend) but I can tell you that I do have the best friends a girl could ask for.

Last week my friends threw me a farewell play date and what more could I want than a make-your-own sundae bar?!! They know me well.

And, this did make me cry, my friend made me a Return to Work Survival Kit.

How cute is this?

Here’s the list of awesomeness that was in the basket in case you are also an amazing friend and want to do this for someone you know:

Kleenex: For those teary mornings

A framed picture of Harry and I: For when you need a little reminder to get through the day

Two big chocolate bars: For BIG emotional emergencies

A jar of chocolate sweets: For little emotional emergencies

A box of breakfast bars: For those busy mornings when breakfast just didn’t happen

A box of snack bars: For those hectic mornings when you forgot to pack all your snacks

And a Tide To-Go: For those messy morning drop-offs.

So adorable and thoughtful. I may have already eaten both the big chocolate bars. I’ll let you know.

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Anyone late for work this morning because they forgot to set their clocks ahead? Anyone else planning a sweet surprise for a friend? Spill the beans!


5 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Heather, you truly have the most amazing and thoughtful friends!! You are very lucky to have them! Hope today goes by with the smallest of hiccups or emergencies. You are truly valued and loved and not only by your friends!!
    Love you too! xxxooo

  2. Mat leave will not be the same without you. Thank-YOU for helping me survive my first 7 months off (and keeping me company waiting for Nicholas to arrive in the first place!)

    Ps: Courtney did good on that survival kit. Too cute!

  3. Heather you have good friends because you are a good friend too. What a great kit Courtney made for you.. Love Great Gram at the lake. xxx

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