Harrison’s Baptism

Last weekend we had a beautiful day to celebrate Harrison’s Christening. It was an unusually warm day in the middle of March. No coats required. We were so blessed in so many ways.

It was extra special because his grandmother is the one who got to baptise him and very close friends of ours agreed to be his Godparents.

He looked like a little angel in his gown. He is now the first of the third generation to be baptized in the gown. My mom and all of her 9 brothers and sisters wore it on their big day, and many of my cousins have worn it too. And to make it even more special its made from my grandmother’s wedding gown. Even though much of my family couldn’t attend, it was like they were all there with us.

He acted like a little angel too. But that should come as no surprise to those who know Harry.

Many thanks to the church and all those who made the day such a memorable one.


2 thoughts on “Harrison’s Baptism

  1. The most wonderful of days for our family and for this church family! The church is still buzzing about how awesome ‘Mr. Harrison’ is! Thank you for sharing his baptism with my congregations!! xxxooo

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