Head-ing in the right direction

Exciting news! I’m making progress on another one of my 2012 House Resolutions. We bought a headboard for our master bedroom! And that means, I’m making progress on “Start tweaking our master bedroom towards the final vision”. Okay, so maybe that’s not exciting to you, but maybe you’ll be more excited for me when I tell you the price. I found it at HomeSense for only $250. That makes me excited. I’ve coveted an upholstered headboard for a while now.

Bedroom photos like these beauties I found on Pinterest, and other inspiring shots from home mags had me drooling and dreaming of a cushy backdrop for some reading in bed and a more elegant and stately (but not stuffy) focal point for our master bedroom.





Don’t these rooms just look like the perfect place to unwind after a hard day at work?

Upholstered headboards have come back into favour with designers and home owners so stores have started offering some really beautiful options.

Crate and Barrel – Colette Bed

Urban Barn – Ella Bed

Z Gallerie – Juliet Headboard

Pottery Barn – Raleigh Bed

I especially love the Collette bed from Crate and Barrel, but the others are great versions as well. And then I saw the price tag.

Wop! Wop!

Store bought headboards can run anywhere from $500 to $2500!

I read my fair share of home decor and DIY blogs… Who am I kidding? I read more than my fair share. Ahem, so I know that many a DIY-er have successfully created upholstered headboards that look just as good as the pricier options.

Isabella & Max Headboard wall $465

Budgetwise Home $100

Centsational Girl $50-100

And as you can see, depending on what materials and tools you already have, a stunning headboard can be yours for as little as $50! And that was my plan, my friends. I was going to DIY a headboard when the weather got nicer so that I’d have room to maneuver and work outside. But, when I saw the headboard at HomeSense for a reasonable price, I couldn’t pass it up.

After all, time is money (sometimes) so for a deal at $250 I figured I’d call it even and forget DIY for this time and save myself the trouble. And as much as I like to think that I could do this, I’m not sure I could pull off such a good looking version as Centsational Girl did for my first attempt at such a large project. Since it’ll be the focal point of the room I think a well-made, good-looking headboard is the way to go. I’d rather have people say, “Wow!”, than “Did you make that yourself?”

Our store-bought version is still wrapped in plastic from getting it home, but once it’s all set up I’ll take some good pics. And that’s my goal this weekend. Get the headboard set up and the master closet system installed. (For husbandman who is reading this now – Surprise!)

Has anyone else finally purchased something they’ve been pining for? Anyone canning a DIY project in favour of BIY (Buy-it-yourself)? Anyone else make plans with their husband via their blog? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Head-ing in the right direction

  1. I bought a new clock for above our mantle. Does not sound all that exciting? It was to me! It cost 90 bucks… kinda pricey but then I had a nifty 20% off coupon that came in the mail. Score! Posting pictures of our “big clock” caused a few snickering remarks on facebook 🙂 Oh please people!

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