Master plan update

Thought I’d give you an update since I mentioned last week that I had plans to install the master closet system and the headboard.

Those plans hit a couple little snags.

Two pieces of the closet system were cut to the wrong size. In the photo at the top the railing was cut too long, and in the photo above the long hang rail was cut too long as well. Both out by the same amount – almost two inches! We hemmed and hawed about it and what to do about it. And then hemmed and hawed some more for a whole week with the closet system thisclose to being fully installed and fill-able. In the end we decided to live with the hang rail as is. It just hangs over the shelf a little bit as you can see. And we bought a hacksaw from Home Depot to cut off the extra bit remaining on the top shelf.

So, the closet system is finally installed. I just haven’t taken any after pics for ya. I’ll try to get to that this week with all the details of how it all looks. Oh – and we are in search of a cheap bed rail/frame system. Apparently they are out of stock everywhere around here. We are waiting for a bed frame to make itself known to us before we take apart our current bed and put our new headboard in place. If you know of anywhere that would stock them let me know.

Hope you guys had a great Easter weekend. We had a pretty laid back weekend, but lots of fun. And Harrison took his first steps on Sunday! It’ll be no time before he’s really off to the races.


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