Hole-y closet

We finally installed our master closet system and I finally got around to snapping some after pictures of it so here’s a big ol’ post of pics of a closet. Enjoy!

I named this post “Hole-y closet” because our master closet had many scars from closet systems past. The shelf/rail fiasco system that we removed only accounted for a few of the holes in the wall that I needed to patch.

I think someone did some trial and error screwing of previous organizers as evidenced by the cluster of scars throughout the closet.

I won’t get into all the details of how I prepped the closet, patched, and painted because I covered that back in this post about our back hall closet. And like our hall closet there were way more than 5 holes to patch. In fact there were so many, that I figured it was worth counting. By my count there were 115 holes to patch. Don’t adjust your screens, don’t call the doctor you’re not seeing things, I patched over a hundred “mementos” of closet organizers past.

Last time I didn’t show how the closet system really works, and how easy it is, because once we got the horizontal rail installed we just popped our closet together and filled it up. This time I remembered to get a picture. I chose the colour Sherwin Williams “Vellum” because that’s what the trim colour is in the whole house. I figured it would be a good colour to carry into the closet. I had Benjamin Moore colour match it for me.

In the photo below you can see that the top horizontal rail is screwed in along the top and then the vertical rails just hang on that horizontal bar. All you do is space them according to your plan.

Here’s what it looks like empty.

Then we filled her up. Well… you can see that it’s not really all filled up yet. There’s just so much room! Our dresser drawers are a lot lighter too! Love it! Room to go shopping grow.

Yes. I colour block my clothes. Doesn’t everybody? One of the things I love most about this system is that I can see what I have and don’t forget what’s hanging in my closet. It’s like I doubled my wardrobe!

More angles that make me happy.

And because a makeover wouldn’t be complete with a before and after here you go.

This before picture is bad, but it was worse.

I’m so glad this project is finally finished. It makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier, and keeping the room organized a lot simpler too. When there’s space to put things away they get put away! What do you know? What a magical system! I seriously sleep better at night just because all is organized behind those bi-fold doors.

Now that the closet is organized we can work on some other ways to make the room feel more like a restful place to relax after a busy day and get a great night’s sleep. The closet was the necessary first step before we could make any decor/decorating changes. I’m looking forward to start making more progress on that front soon – like installing the headboard. More to come on the whole master plan soon.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what we’re doing with the old system, we’re taking it to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

How about you guys? Anyone else take over 6 weeks to install a closet or anything else they’ve bought? What else are you doing to get organized? Anyone else have spring organizing fever? Call me crazy but I love it.


2 thoughts on “Hole-y closet

  1. I love organizing no matter the season. But Spring does bring out the organizer in all of us. I recently re-organized Nick’s toy box. It was full of books that are too old for him just yet (as in way too long) so they moved into our ottoman and then his toy box is strictly for stuffed animals, his car ramp etc. All his rattles etc are put away for a future sibling as he no longer plays with them.
    Organizing our garage and shed are the next projects!

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