Master Plan

I’ve been talking a lot about my master plan for our master bedroom, so I thought I’d finally help you picture what I’m talking about with a tour of what our room looks like now, a little overview of what I’d like the layout to be (a bird’s eye view of the room), and a list, because I’m list-obsessed a list-maker.

So here’s how it looks now.

As you may be able to tell it’s a pretty good sized master bedroom. It’s approximately 15.5 feet by 12.5 feet. Plenty of room for a queen size bed, a couple dressers, and a few other pieces of furniture without being crowded. So far, we haven’t paid it much attention since we moved in, except recently installing the closet system. Its due for a little sprucing up.

Here’s what I’d eventually like it to look like – at least layout-wise.

To make this layout change it really won’t take much effort once we have the pieces – which is really just a bed frame at this point. We’ll install the headboard that I bought a few weeks ago, and put the mattress and box spring on a new basic bed frame. Move the Malm dressers that we have now (there’s two pushed together supporting the tv) and use them as side/night tables and mount a (perhaps new and larger) tv on the wall.

To achieve not just layout changes, but an overall makeover of the room here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Paint the walls – I’m thinking blue
  • Find a great fabric for some Euro shams for the bed and an accent cushion
  • Change out the duvet cover for the one I bought at West Elm a while ago
  • Hang drapes to soften the window
  • Mount the tv
  • Build a bed frame – maybe down the road
  • Add a rug under the bed (or maybe not? I’m not sure if I’m a rug on carpet kinda gal)
  • Create some art/photography for either above the night tables or above the bed
  • Create some jewellery display/storage
  • Consider changing the lamps or just the lampshades
  • Replace the ceiling fan with a new ceiling fixture
  • Add a chair or bench for resting

Now that the closet system is installed, I feel I can technically check “master bedroom tweaks” off the House Resolutions list but I’ll hold off for now until the room is a little more put together.

As for our current bed and the “headboard” and shelves that we have now, we’ll try to sell them on Kijiji to try to recoup some of the cost of the bed frame.

Anyone else making moves in the furniture department or making small changes to make a big difference? Anyone else have big plans for a space, even though who knows when you’ll get to it? Yeah… don’t we all!


2 thoughts on “Master Plan

  1. Looks great! I’d probably go for a bench at the end of your bed as the chair seems a bit awkward so close to the tv. We have big plans for our empty front room. I dream about hardwood, a new light fixture, a new dining room table and maybe some armchairs near the window… one day!

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