Going Green Challenge: Progress update

Yesterday was Earth Day. We didn’t really do anything special specifically to observe the day, but we did cross a few more things off of our challenge list over the weekend.

But first, let me tell you about what we did the weekend before. And let me tell you, you probably can’t appreciate just how happy this day was for me. We got rid of our e-waste. Basically that means that we gathered up all our dated and unused electronics and dropped them off at an e-waste collection depot (that was set up just for one day). You may know that my husband is, for lack of better words, a “computer guy”. He also likes to keep things around “just in case”. So I was more than pleased when he was willing to part with all this stuff! One of the computers had a floppy disk drive in it. Talk about ancient!

Our pile included four computer cases, a hub, a small tv, a couple of web cams, a subwoofer and an assortment of other goodies.

It took up all the space in the back of our truck to fit it all in. Besides lugging it all up the stairs the process was so easy. I pulled up into the parking lot. Five big strong men helped me unpack and then I drove off. Ta-dah! All this stuff was just taking up space in our storage room. I’m so glad that we got rid of it safely and that it’s no longer cluttering up our lives.

I mentioned in the first post that I had done #9. Most of our bills are already paperless or we pay them through automatic withdrawal so we only get online statements. But I hadn’t ever changed over my Amex until last week. It might be hard to tell from the photo below, but the red circle highlights that my account details are “Online Only”.

We hit up our local Farmer’s Market again this weekend. I know that we are so lucky to live in a community that has such an active and large farmer’s market. We did our part to support our local community by picking up a HUGE maple cinnamon bun. Yeah… it was for the community. 🙂 Seriously, though maple is one of our largest local commodities. It even has it’s own festival (the world’s largest maple syrup festival) every year.

We also picked up a delicious vegetarian strata (which I failed to get a picture of) for our dinner. It was so nice to have a warm dish to eat for dinner since the weekend weather was extra chilly for late April.

And finally, we popped a couple CFLs into our garage which had been lacking light for an embarrassingly long time. I’ll keep replacing the few remaining incandescent lights around the house as the wind takes me (and time permits).

Let’s do a list check, shall we?

1. Recycle our e-waste (electronic equipment).

2. Pick up a rain barrel to collect rain water to water our plants and lawn this summer.

3. Replace more lights in the house with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs).

4. Go to the farmer’s market and purchase locally grown/made products

5. Re-purpose the old shelving from our closet.

6. Renew and re-use old shadow boxes.

7. Dispose of Hazardous Household Waste properly (at a drop-off day later this month).

8. Go Flexitarian – Make a meatless dinner.

9. Cut back on paper – convert as many bills to paperless as possible.

10. Donate some household items to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

After our weekend activities (and the previous weekend)  we’re already half way through my list! Woo to the Hoo!

I should also add that we bought a secondhand table and chair set for the eating area in our kitchen this weekend (pics and plans soon). We saved money and saved the table from going in the garbage. BONUS POINTS? I think so, because I’m making the rules.

This coming Saturday our region is hosting it’s last ever Rain Barrel distribution program so I’ll be getting up bright and early and trying to score one for our house. On the same day there’s a Household Hazardous Waste drop off station being set up not far from our house so I’ll be disposing of our old batteries and empty paint cans etc. and that’s going to save me a trip to the dump. Sweet!

What about you guys? Did you wear green yesterday or take a short shower? Did you make any progress on the challenge? Did you do anything to observe Earth Day?


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