A case of the Mondays

Yesterday I was crossing this street on my way to a meeting and as I was nearing the sidewalk I started to jog/shuffle along so that I could cross before the light turned.

Well, my shoe came loose and I tripped over it and I fell on all fours. I was still down trying to re-group… wondering what the heck just happened… when the light turned green and I was almost hit by a car. I’m not sure if the car that was waiting at the light wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see me crossing and then my fall, but the tires of his/her car came close to my feet. Talk about getting your adrenaline going after lunch!

I’m totally fine.

I scraped my right knee and my right foot but really I just have a bruised ego. Who falls crossing the street?!

I’m mostly disappointed that I ripped two holes in my nice black work pants. Actually, I’m also a little disappointed that not one person pulled over and no pedestrian stopped to ask me if I was okay.

How was your Monday? Here’s hoping the rest of my week is MUCH better.


4 thoughts on “A case of the Mondays

  1. I can feel your hurt, both on the knee and the ego! My Monday didn’t seem that great but by comparison it was OK. mom

    • Thanks, mom. That was kind of the point. I figured I’d make everyone else feel better by telling my story. I should’ve known… a cold and rainy Monday. what was my first clue?!

  2. Moving my sister-in-law in the rain with a baby who wanted to play was the gist of my day. Not my favourite Monday. It also included moving her fish tank at 9 pm. Joy.

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