Major construction

Came home this weekend to find that someone had put an addition on our house without even asking.

In terms of renovations, at least this one was entirely completed in a day. That might be a renovation record!

I particularly like that she didn’t want to have just any nest. She decorated with a little curling ribbon. To match her eggs perhaps? That’s my girl.


5 thoughts on “Major construction

  1. Love the ribbon. Unfortunately they chose a spot that prevents you from entering the garage or the front door without being dive bombed. Unless you enjoy that sort of thing 🙂

  2. I guess we are thinking on different lines here…. I spent the last 4 days undoing the robin nest above the front door! The side lights are white with poo as are the chairs… I fought them every time I stepped outside. I think they have now made other arrangments.

    • I thought it would be good to leave it since we so rarely use the front door and since Harry is obsessed with anything that moves – particularly of the animal variety. Every night when we get home I take him out of the car and “check in” on her.

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