Going Green Challenge: Final round-up

April is over so it’s time to wrap up my little challenge. Here’s a look at how I did with my list.

1. Recycle our e-waste (electronic equipment).

2. Pick up a rain barrel to collect rain water to water our plants and lawn this summer.

3. Replace more lights in the house with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs).

4. Go to the farmer’s market and purchase locally grown/made products

5. Re-purpose the old shelving from our closet.

6. Renew and re-use old shadow boxes.

7. Dispose of Hazardous Household Waste properly (at a drop-off day later this month).

8. Go Flexitarian – Make a meatless dinner.

9. Cut back on paper – convert as many bills to paperless as possible.

10. Donate some household items to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

This weekend we ticked off two more items on the list.

We picked up a rain barrel (#2)

It came with this kit inside. We have yet to set it up.

And I disposed of our household waste (primarily old paint) at the household waste drop-off (#7).

The waste drop-off was so quick I only had a chance to snap this pic of the sign on my iPhone on the way out.

The rest of our weekend was pretty packed – including Harrison’s swimming lessons, and my father in-laws birthday party – so I didn’t get around to the other three items on the list that I fully intended to get to this weekend. Oh well! More projects to look forward to.

As for #5 I’d like to re-use some of the shelving that we took out of our master closet by putting it up in our garage to add more functionality in there.

For #6 I had plans to spray paint some shadow boxes that a friend gave me and so far the weather hasn’t cooperated on a night/weekend when I could get outside and give ’em a couple coats.

For #10 I plan to give the ReStore the ceiling fan that we took out of Harrison’s room when we turned it into the nursery, and any leftover (if any) closet organizer that we won’t need/use after we put some in the garage.

How did you do?


2 thoughts on “Going Green Challenge: Final round-up

  1. We did 3,4,7,8….

    I know I “should” do paperless bills but we like having a paper copy in our file cabinet so it is always on hand.

    • Awesome Meg! It took me a while to get my head around going paperless too. I like the security blanket of the paper copy too.

      Not all of our bills are paperless. Some don’t offer that option and others like house-related (tax stuff) we still receive a paper copy for. Every little bit counts, though!

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