One flu over this cuckoo’s nest

Hey there stranger! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. We’ve all had some version of the flu and/or cold for the last week. So needless to say it’s been pretty hectic around here lately. It’s already Tuesday, so let me catch you up with a look back at our week in photos.

Mother’s day. All the cards and “flowers” I got for Mother’s Day. Harrison made me hand-made flowers and a card at daycare and husbandman provided cards and gifts too.

By Sunday night Harrison wasn’t feeling so great. He was sick at dinner time. Luckily he slept well but was sick in the car on the way to daycare on Monday. Here’s my sweet little patient.

Poor little guy! I got a lot of snuggles, though so I didn’t mind hanging out with him. Just wished he was feeling better.

Mom and Dad are sick in the middle of the week. No blogging or anything fun of any kind takes place. Hence no photos.

Harry and I split town on Thursday night (Husbandman stayed behind because of work commitments). Since it was a long weekend we wanted to beat the traffic. Harry was great in the car. By Friday Harry was feeling great. We took a walk around the garden and he found these squiggly worm-like seed pods from the trees very fascinating.

I caught up with a friend at the park on Saturday and cousin Kelley came along. Here Harry is testing out his buddy Nolan’s sweet ride. He especially liked the horn.

On Sunday we had a family BBQ and uncle Mike was there with Sophie. Harry LOVED her!

When he wasn’t chasing Sophie he spent his time in this pool built-for-one that we bought at the Dollar Store. We all kinda laughed when we took it out of the package. You can hardly call it a pool. But, as it turns out it was perfect for him. Any bigger and he would’ve wanted to crawl around. He was content to just sit in there in the shade and splash a little, and stay cool.

And while I was home, I was finally able to pick up my “Hey You’re A Mommy” gift from husbandman. Fifteen months later, but who’s counting? We had it made by a local jeweller to match a pair of earrings I have. I couldn’t love it more! Mwah! Thanks Hunny! xo

Harrison and I were back on the road again early(ish) on Monday and didn’t hit too much traffic despite it being a holiday Monday. It’s definitely easier to travel with Harry when he sleeps the whole way because then I don’t have to stop as often. We made four stops yesterday which made the total length of our trip 7 hours (normally would take 5 1/2). Overall he was a pretty happy traveller, though. We stopped for lunch and had a little picnic under a tree at a rest station.

And that was our week. Husbandman was sick all weekend again (and I lost my voice completely on Saturday), but as of writing this I think we’re on the mend.

How was your week? Any bugs going around your house? Did you do any travelling for the long weekend? Hope you’re all very healthy and well-rested. Have a great week!


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