Fourteen months

Dear Harrison,

I’m once again very late on this post. Sorry!

Your fourteenth month was marked by a very momentous event. You started walking! You are on the move and your first steps were caught on camera, you little performer you!

Side note: You share a birthday with Justin Bieber. He’s kind of a big deal right now. Anyway, when your dad and I found out that you share a birthday we commented that maybe you were born to be a pop star. A triple-threat we said, actually. Sing. Dance. Act. So maybe your “performance” is just a glimpse of things to come. We’ll see.

Sadly, the camera wasn’t set to record. We were chatting with Grandma at the Lake via Facetime. (I wonder if that’ll still exist when you read this). Short version: we were video-chatting.

We were hanging out in the kitchen and your dad was finally able to pry his little “security finger” from your grip and you took your first wobbly unassisted steps right into my arms. I couldn’t have been prouder. After that first little jaunt you couldn’t get enough. You’d had your taste of freedom and you were off! You gleefully toddled between your dad and I until we tired you out and you needed a nap.

After naptime, we packed you up and headed for Gramma and Grampy’s house for Easter dinner and you showed off your new skills there too. You even did a full 180 turn on one foot (we’re pretty sure it was by accident). But you didn’t fall.

And then over the next week or so, your confidence grew. It freaked me out a little that you would be off in the middle of the room standing there, when before you were limited to the perimeter of the room. Your dad and I were amazed at how quickly you picked it up. Within a week, it was second-nature to let go of a chair/hand/wall and just walk into the open space to get where you wanted to go. That is so cool!

You’ve had a few falls, but overall you’ve been pretty steady on your feet. When you do fall you’ve taken to saying “Uh oh Boom”.

It’s so exciting to see you exploring new things and experiencing the world in a new way.




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