The head-ing goes here.

While I was away last weekend, husbandman installed the headboard I bought a while back. I had finally found a bed frame (on Kijiji for $35!) and got that whole thing sorted out, so he was able to put it all together while I was gone over the long weekend.

That’s a sneak peek. I LOOOOOVE it, just as much as when I snagged it from HomeSense. (It was so long ago it was snowing when I picked it up).

Well, husbandman is away this weekend for a bachelor party in Montreal and I’ve got some plans to check off a few things on my Master Plan list.

And the list currently looks like:

  • Paint the walls – I’m thinking blue
  • Find a great fabric for some Euro shams for the bed and an accent cushion
  • Change out the duvet cover for the one I bought at West Elm a while ago
  • Hang drapes to soften the window
  • Mount the tv
  • Build a bed frame – maybe down the road
  • Add a rug under the bed (or maybe not? I’m not sure if I’m a rug on carpet kinda gal)
  • Create some art/photography for either above the night tables or above the bed
  • Create some jewellery display/storage
  • Consider changing the lamps or just the lampshades
  • Replace the ceiling fan with a new ceiling fixture
  • Add a chair or bench for resting
  • I forgot to include originally: Install the headboard.

Yes, I’m one of those list-makers who adds things to the list just to cross them off. But IT. FEELS.SO.GOOD.

So what are you guys up to this weekend? Anyone making changes to their bedroom, gardening (I’d like to do some of that this weekend too) or just spending time with family (for Memorial Day weekend in the US)? Happy Friday!


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