Easy dressing

Sadly, I don’t have one of those awesome closet/wardrobe selector programs that Cher had in Clueless.

Remember that?!

A girl can dream!

That’s why I love it when stores make it easy for you to pull a wardrobe – not just an outfit – together. This week I got an email from Banana Republic that isn’t new or unheard of, but I love it when getting dressed in the morning and looking put together is that much easier.

The premise is simple. Take 7 pieces and mix and match. Of course, that’s what we all do on a daily basis, but I just love it when stylists put together a look that you maybe wouldn’t consider even though you may already have the pieces in your closet. (For me, that’d be the jacket and shorts look).

What I love about it is that you probably have a lot of these pieces in your wardrobe. Maybe different colours, or maybe different cuts/lengths etc. but many of these pieces are staples. A demin jacket or dark blazer. White pants. A printed dress. A white button-down. A silky blouse. Wardrobe inspiration. Monday morning made easy!

Happy dressing!

Also…how is it Thursday already?! I have so much to share: master bedroom progress, a HomeSense score, Harrison updates, and more plans to share! Maybe a weekend post is in order to get you all caught up. 


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