Free pillows!

I mentioned on Friday that we were in for a rainy weekend. And we had one. And I was hoping that our house would be free of this awful bug that seems to want to torment us for life and luckily Harrison got over his flu, but Roland woke up with it on Saturday morning. So, I didn’t get as much done around the house as I’d hoped. I couldn’t get much done outside, and I spent most of my time watching Harrison while husbandman rested/recuperated.

So, for now I’ll show you my free pillows.

Okay, so the price tag didn’t say $0.00, but they were FTM (Free To Me!) because I had a gift card.

I scored them at HomeSense a couple of weekends ago and I couldn’t pass them up. So not only were they cheaper than regular retail, I scooped ’em, up for free! That’s my kinda deal.

I think the picture is making it look a bit yellow, but in person it’s a nice citrine/green colour. Just the colour I wanted to add to the room.  I love the geometric pattern. And it’s got a nice cushy feather insert. I got a pair of them using a gift card I got for Christmas.

Can you believe it took me that long to use it?


7 thoughts on “Free pillows!

  1. lovely choice Heather hope everyone heals soon , you need to smudge the house , chase away the bad chi.

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