A breath of fresh Ocean Air

Nope, I’m not heading to the beach. The day has finally arrived that I can show you pictures of the progress I’ve made in updating our master bedroom. Hooray!

Let’s take a look back at what we started with.

Even though these pictures were taken with the all the lights on during a bright day, the room was still looking pretty dreary.

And now, for a breath of fresh air.

Sorry about the mixed orientations of the “after” photos. I took a bunch, but some of them turned out a bit out of focus for some reason. In any case, I hope this gives you a good idea of how the room is looking now.

What I/we did:

  • Removed our old Ikea Malm bed and headboard/storage unit. (I think we’ll use it when Harry needs a “big boy” bed).
  • Attached our new headboard to the bed frame I bought on Kijiji.
  • Moved our existing Malm dressers beside the bed to act as side tables.
  • Changed our bedding. The sheet set is from Zellers and is super soft. The duvet cover and shams are from West Elm. (No longer available).
  • Painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Air.
  • Placed our large mirror in the room. (I’m not sure that the mirror will stay in the room, or at least not where it is now. I’d like to hang drapes wide around the window and the mirror will then interfere.)

The Master Bedroom to-do list is now looking like this:

  • Paint the walls – I’m thinking blue
  • Find a great fabric for some Euro shams for the bed and an accent cushion
  • Change out the duvet cover for the one I bought at West Elm a while ago
  • Hang drapes to soften the window
  • Mount the tv
  • Build a bed frame – maybe down the road
  • Add a rug under the bed (or maybe not? I’m not sure if I’m a rug on carpet kinda gal)
  • Create some art/photography for either above the night tables or above the bed
  • Create some jewellery display/storage
  • Consider changing the lamps or just the lampshades
  • Replace the ceiling fan with a new ceiling fixture
  • Add a chair or bench for resting
  • Install the headboard.

There’s lots of things still on the list, but I’m not sure this room will get much more attention over the next little while.

I’m waiting to find drapes that will really fit the space, and I’m hoping I’ll find the perfect fabric for pillow shams and/or accent cushions. Same goes for a light fixture (thought I do have an idea for a DIY), a rug, and lamp shades. If something crosses my path, then I’ll be sure to snatch it up. We’re hoping to replace our small tv for something a little larger, so we’ll probably wait until we find a good deal before we get to mounting the tv. I don’t think it makes much sense to poke holes in the wall for a temporary solution.

You may have noticed that the vanity table is not in the room. It’s currently living in our living room, and it will likely get moved up sooner than later.

We also have a large black dresser that currently resides in our living room disguised as a sideboard. We may bring that into the room for added folded clothes storage. It would go along the long blank wall.

So two furniture moves and a lot of waiting for something to cross my path means that I’ll come back to the master bedroom project when the mood strikes me. I’ve got my sights set on other projects like the kitchen table, our garden, and finally getting around to painting our staircase and upstairs hallway (on my new year’s resolution list).

Just for fun, here’s a couple more pictures of the bedroom for ya.

Hope you like it. I love having a calming space to unwind at night, and a bright and airy room to wake up to in the morning.

Anyone else checking things off their to-do list, or New Year’s resolution list? Anyone else doing some painting? What do you think of Ocean Air?


6 thoughts on “A breath of fresh Ocean Air

  1. I love ocean air! What a difference. I think the side tables would look good painted white. Just food for thought. How do you watch TV when it is on a side table?!

    • Thanks, Megan. I love it too!

      The side tables might end up migrating into Harrison’s big boy room when the time comes, so for now, they are staying as they are.

      TV watching in bed is on hold for the time being. 🙂 That would be some crooked necks we’d have!

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