Happy Father’s Day to … me

Husbandman is back by popular demand. Seriously. Enjoy!

I’m back.  Miss me?

Seemed that it was about time to pop in to share some more great husbandly wisdom with you.  WifeLady thought it’d be helpful if I suggested a few Dad-type gifts for the moms (or fellow-dads, if that’s your thing) out there who’re looking to round up a last-minute “you’re an awesome dad” reminder.  So as a follow up to my last smash-hit, here’s a quick Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Some dads commute, others take a while to fall asleep, some take longer than others to answer nature’s call.  These are all guys who could really use a good set of books to pass that idle time.  If he hasn’t already started, now’s a great time to get him going on the The Song of Ice and Fire 4-book boxed set (amazon.ca, $19.98)

Families that play together stay together.  Show off your family values with the Penny Arcade Player 1 + Player 2 Combo (Penny Arcade Store, $29.99).

(Many) dads like to eat meat.  Steaks, burgers, ribs, wings… you’re getting the picture here.  Meat needs to be cooked.  If you’re going to go through all of that effort, you might as well cook it right; outdoors, with fire.  Don’t have one myself, but I’ve only heard great things about the Weber Kettles (Home Depot, $109).  For the VeggieDads out there, fire also makes vegetables taste better.  I’m sure you can grill a mean carrot on these things too.

Know what goes with great steak?  Great wine (LCBO VINTAGES, $various).

Of course, all of these are completely unnecessary.  A bit of a sleep-in, a pot of fresh coffee and a chance to hang out with the munchkins who make Dad ‘Dad’ sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend a Sunday morning.


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