Fifteen months

Dear Harrison,

The story of your fifteenth month is all about words. Your vocabulary exploded this month. And when I say exploded, keep in mind that your vocabulary before was pretty much just mama and dada and all done. We’ve been teaching you sign language so you’ve also been able to say “more” by signing as well. So you had about 4 words all-in by the end of last month. Even though four is a small number to start with (and nothing to shake a stick at at only 15 months) exploded really does describe how much your words have changed.

I think for posterity’s sake (since I haven’t been great at keeping track of when or in what order you’ve learned these words) this post will serve as a bit of a record of the words you know and use so far.



All done – along with the sign

More – You actually say more now when you sign it.

Kitty – One of your favourite words. You pretty much say kitty any time you see one of ours wandering around the house. Or when you hear a noise and think it’s one of them.



Apple – Another one of your favourite words, because you love, LOVE, apple sauce.

Cookie – This can sometimes sound like kitty. Your dad and I have to listen carefully.

Cheese – Sometimes sounds like teeth (or vice versa). Also one of your favourite foods.

Banana- Are you sensing a theme? You like to eat, kid.

Ball – You are such a boy!

Dirty – You are such a boy!

Teeth – You like to make a little brushing your teeth sign when you say teeth.

Amy – You learned this one on our visit to Cornwall on the long weekend. Your aunt Amy was tickled pink. You returned to daycare calling everyone Amy.

Stu – Uncy Stu was glad that you made things fair.

Bath – You frequently ask for a bath before bedtime.

Book – You love to flip the pages of your books and “read” them.

Happy – Yes you are!

Baby – Anyone smaller than you, and sometimes bigger than you but smaller than an adult, is a baby.

Papa – When we go to the computer in the basement you always say Papa because that’s where we Skype with Papa Cruickshank

Turtle – I have no idea why.

No – ’nuff said.

Go – Yes… we know you want to go.



Pee pee and poo poo – I think we need to start thinking about potty training you.

Uh-oh – For when you fall, or drop things.

Boom – For when you fall on your bum.

Beep beep – Particularly when you squeeze someone’s nose. To see if it’s working, obviously.

You also know various animal noises. Many of these you learned before this month, but since I’m in a listy mood: cow, cat, snake, monkey, lion, fish (you smack your lips like a fish’s mouth opening and closing), sheep, dog (it’s the funniest little “woof”), duck.

Please – This just warms my heart. I taught you “please” and the sign for please and you took to it right away. I couldn’t believe how quickly you were saying please without me even having to ask you to say it. You just got it right away. Unfortunately, it’s just so darn cute I can rarely resist giving in to whatever it is you want when you say please.

Thank you – Luckily you usually also say thank you when I give in (and most of the time otherwise). Like “please”, thank you came easily to you and you say thank you in the right context all the time. Sometimes when I say thank you to you for doing something, or giving me something, you say it right back to me. If I wasn’t careful I could get us stuck in an infinite loop of thank yous. Last night your dad and I tucked you in and you hugged brown bear and looked up at us and said thank you. And then your dad had to hold me back from crawling into the crib with and snuggling next to you all night.

It’s so awesome to see your little hamster wheel working when you’re trying to learn a new word. I say it, then repeat it nice and slowly and then stay quiet so you have time to think about it and try to say it out. I can almost see the smoke coming out of your head.

Thank you Harrison.




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