Awesome weekend!

I had such a great weekend! I hope you did too.

Friday night husbandman and I were supposed to have a date night, but our babysitter rescheduled (with permission) so we just put the kiddo to bed, sat out on our deck for a while and then caught up on some tv. (We’re watching Touch right now. I’m kinda on the fence about it).

Saturday I got to sleep in a bit, and then met a friend at the mall for some no-kids-in-tow shopping.

We did some awesome (expert, if you ask me) power shopping.

I picked up a few things for me, a couple things for Harry. And I almost got something for husbandman but decided I really needed his real-life opinion instead of relying on this photo I sent him while I was out.

I really liked this one.

After shopping some friends came over with their daughter who is just a few months older than Harry. We tried out our new sprinkler beach ball. The kids were tentative at first but were totally loving after a few assisted run-throughs with mom.

Saturday night was our long awaited date night. We’ve been trying to get out for weeks, but for one reason or another we had to cancel or our babysitter had to cancel. During the winter we’d get out on Friday nights to play ultimate together, but besides those nights we really hadn’t been out together without Harrison since last summer!

We kept it simple and did dinner and a movie. We started at a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try that’s all about local (Ontario) food, beer, wine etc. called Borealis.

We started with a beer sampler!

We tried all the features and I of course had to try the beer called Flying Monkeys Smashbomb. My favourite was probably the lager.

(Side note: The baby in the background of this picture was ADORABLE and totally flirting with me!)

We shared the salmon cakes appetizer. Yum-O

Didn’t take pictures of our mains because we devoured them but they were delish too. (We both had fish). Then we finished with a shared honeyed vanilla creme brulee (topped with blueberries) for dessert. Mmm!

Then we moseyed-on over to the movie theatre across the street and finally saw the Avengers in 3D. We both loved it. Have you seen it yet? You should go before it’s not in theatres any more. Amazingly I didn’t have any dreams about IronMan.

You’d think I’d be full from all that yummy food we had just eaten, but I can’t pass up theatre popcorn so I got the usual (kiddie combo).

Loved the movie (as I mentioned) and got to have a whole night for me and my favourite guy.

Sunday, of course, was Father’s Day. We celebrated by having a relaxing day at home. Dad slept in and then I made him a breakfast of his choosing (canadian bacon and eggs, croissants, yogurt, coffee and “the good stuff” OJ). We hung out with the kiddo and must’ve worn him out because then he napped for 3 hours! We had planned a trip out to the Home Depot to pick up his Father’s Day/upcoming anniversary gift (the Weber kettle that he even suggested in his gift guide last week) but we didn’t have time because Harry slept so late!

Whew! What a weekend.

Hope yours was just as happy and fun-filled. Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Awesome weekend!

  1. I totally understand the part about wanting the husband there before buying something for him… I don’t dare buy something for my husband without his approval. he is picky! more picky and a girl. ha.

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