I’m back from my conference/trip to Ottawa and had a great relaxing weekend at home celebrating our beautiful nation over the long weekend.

1.My little airplane 2. My room 3. A photo from home

4. View from cocktail hour 5. My dinner is on fire 6. Big breakfast

7. Shopping 8. Canada getting dressed up for her birthday 9. Ontario strawberries

10. What we do for beauty 11. Canada Day strawberry shortcake 12. Popsicle

It was a busy week. I met lots of great colleagues and learned a lot. I managed to sneak in three dinners with friends/family and saw my brother for lunch one day. Then had a relaxing weekend hanging out with the boys and more visits with friends. Hope you guys had a great long weekend. What did you get up to?


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  1. Great recap of photos. Our long weekend was filled with a visit from the inlaws, deck progress, organizing our garage and shed, a trip to the park, a visit with you guys, a visit with a teaching friend, a trip out for ice cream, babysitting a munchkin and some solid naps. All in all, quite lovely.

    Ps: Italy also lost in soccer this weekend but let’s forget that.

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