Andrew and Kate

As promised, I’m back to share some photos that my camera took (I can’t take all the credit) at the wedding we attended over the weekend. As I mentioned, it was a beautiful day, a gorgeous couple and a stunning backdrop.

It was one of the best weddings I’ve been to. All the details were attended to. From the programs to the flowers, and the refreshment station.

Here are the programs that were handed out as guests arrived.

The ceremony location between two fields of grape vines.

Flowers were everywhere. They included roses, mums, snapdragons, hydrangeas, peonies and many more.

The front rows were adorned with special bouquets placed in jugs with “Love” scripted on them.

The couple had a pre-wedding refreshment station open, and asked guests to take their drink to their seat. Included in the ceremony was a Gaelic tradition that included the couple drinking to their past, present and future from the same cup. Then the guests raised their glass to the happy couple as well.

Here’s the guys walking in.

Here comes the beautiful bride with her dad.

The groom’s cousin played guitar and sang a beautiful song for the couple during the ceremony.

I just barely managed to capture the kiss!

I also just barely managed to capture husbandman walking out of the ceremony with the bride’s sister. My memory card went on the fritz saying it was full. Luckily I had brought an extra as a back up.

While the wedding party had their photos taken, the patio area was dressed up and ready for the cocktail reception. They had also arranged for a wine tasting from the vineyard’s wine collection.

Some hors d’oeuvres were served on this table.

Place settings and favours were placed together just off the patio area.

After cocktail hour, we moved inside for dinner and dancing.

After speeches and the couple’s first dance they “served” dessert. Make your own smores! Yum-O. And I got to try out Grace’s tip at Sense and Simplicity for making awesome smores. I will attest… it was a good tip!

This is one of the only pictures of me at the wedding, because I’m usually holding the camera. I managed to capture my dress and an awkward pose. (Dress – Banana Republic)

And all this lovey-dovey stuff got me thinking about how lucky I am to have this guy!

Anybody else attend any weddings lately? Or planning a wedding? I can’t believe how many little details went into this day. They all made the day so special and memorable.


8 thoughts on “Andrew and Kate

  1. Heather, the photos are great! Can’t wait to hear how Matt handled the ceremony! Hope what I gave him helped! Miss you, your husbandman and, of course, that grandson of mine who did not make it into the pictures this time!!
    Love to all xxxooo Laurie

  2. Good pictures Heather even you in the stork pose in your nifty dress.You are always beautiful in my eyes. Why did Harry play second fiddle to the bride and groom? who by the way looked wonderfully happy. Iwant more Harry pics. love GGATL

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