Gone but not forgotten

Hey guys!

Life’s been busy! After the wedding we’ve been full speed ahead just trying to keep up with household chores and other commitments.

We’ve celebrated our fourth anniversary, hosted friends, have been glued to the Olympics in spare moments, and most recently babysat our friends’ nine month old over the weekend.

Not much Olympic-watching happened that weekend if you get my drift. There’s a reason why you can’t have a baby seven months after having a baby. We survived! Thank goodness the kids were well behaved, but boy did they keep us busy!

And to top it off husbandman is now out of town on business for most of the week.

That means I’ve got a spare moment to blog so hopefully I’ll start getting you caught up on what’s been happening here.

Sending lots of love to London especially now during the Olympics. I know my mom and dad, and brother and sister-in-law who are there visiting, are all having a great time taking in the events and the experience.

Go Canada Go!


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