Trip to the Toronto Zoo

A few weeks ago, we took a short family vacation (an extended weekend) and really tried to make the most of it.

I think we had the best weather we’d had all summer. Hot, but not humid. Just beautiful summer days.

On one of the days we headed into the big city to show Harrison just how big some of the animals he sees in his books really are!

We thought we’d start the day at the Kids Area and interactive zone. This photo is about as interactive as it got for us. Besides the fact that the animals were all gated off, all the signs along the fences said, “Danger, animals may nip”. Uhh… no thanks.

But we made our way to the Savannah after that, and managed to be in time for a feeding and trainer talk for the elephants. We got to see her pee right in front of us! I thought Harry would be more surprised by the size of the animals, but he’s apparently more of a people watcher.

My brother and sister-in-law were in town for a visit, so we dragged them along too. Here’s Amy watching the rhinos with Harry.

We saw these really cool antelope-type animals. Google tells me they’re Kudu. From where we were standing we couldn’t really see anything in this area, and then all of a sudden, one came sauntering up over the crest of the hill. Then another… then another… We got a really great view of these beautiful animals.

We didn’t get to see too many animals doing anything extraordinary. Just an interesting grooming technique here and there. haha!

Headed over to see the penguins. They had a neat life-size display of the different kinds of penguins, past and present. That penguin is Harrison-sized! (Or is it the other way around?)

Here’s the gang keeping a close eye on the white lions.

And we’re all still smiling after lunch!

Harrison’s favourite animal by far was the giraffe. He could’ve stared all day I think. We were really close, and they were doing interesting things like eating, and bending over and walking around. No gate or fence in the way either.

We grabbed one last family shot before heading for the car.

And everyone was still smiling!

Harrison was asleep in his car seat before we hit the highway (in under 3 minutes). I think he liked it!


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