Summer: 16 and 17 months

Dear Harrison,

I don’t know why this has taken me so long to write, but I know it can’t wait any longer. I guess technically I owe you a newsletter for the 18th month too… but let’s not talk about that just now.

This summer was awesome!

You turned into a little kid. You are talking, and dancing, and smiling, mastering the fork and spoon and we can have little kinda-sorta conversations. You observe and report everything. For a while your favourite thing to tell us was “spinning”. That is, if you saw a ceiling fan you would say “spinning”. Our family room ceiling fan was on constantly for about a month. If you saw a ceiling fan that wasn’t on you would say “spinning” as if to ask us to turn it on. This was especially problematic at the grocery store. If you saw a pinwheel, anything with spokes (like some depictions of the sun), a car tire, a windmill or anything even remotely like a fan or pinwheel you would say “spinning”.

We spent a lot of the summer playing outside and going to the splash pad in this especially hot and dry summer. We went to the zoo and the children’s museum too.

One day this summer your dad and I were both stuck with work commitments in the morning and we needed to have a friend pick you up in the morning and take you to daycare. Because I had to leave so early, I told our friend that she couldn’t drop you off at daycare right away – she’d be too early.

When I met up with her at the end of the day to pick you up, I asked what the two of you got up to in the downtime before daycare drop-off. She said you went looking for city buses. This has created a monster! We’ve been looking for buses and trucks on every car ride ever since. If you see one, you tell us. Your first two word phrase was “more truck” when we passed one and you didn’t see any others. Now you tell us when you see trucks, buses, big rigs, and dump trucks. Thanks for keeping a good eye out, kiddo. I find myself pointing them out to myself in my head even when you’re not in the car.

Your love for trucks doesn’t end at the driveway. You love playing with your big dump truck, your double-decker bus, your cars and anything else that goes. You love watching truck videos on YouTube, and especially Mighty Machines.

We also got to visit Matt and Laura’s cottage where we took you out on the boat. Last year when we visited the cottage you cried the whole boat ride to the cottage. This year, you were amazed, saying “water” and “oooh” the whole time. You had your first dip in the lake, which you loved, and your first trip in the canoe, which according to Matt and Laura, nearly put you to sleep you were so calmed out on the lake.

Even though your dad and I were working during the week, we squeezed in as much summer fun as we could. And made a lot of great family memories as a result.




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