Sew what?

I finally got around to one of my resolutions from 2012! I’m going to learn to sew! It’s not only a resolution I’m finally getting around to, but a pregnancy project for me and the Sprout (that’s what we’re calling the baby). I’ll always be able to say that I learned to sew “with” this baby.

I bought a sewing machine and signed up for a class the very same day. It was meant to be.

I’m starting with what I’m told should be an easy project – pajama pants for Harry.

Here’s the fabric I picked out at our last class.


I can’t wait to see if I can turn it into pants!


2 thoughts on “Sew what?

  1. Enjoy your sewing adventure. I wonder if you will find it as addictive as I do? Everyone who sews uses seam rippers, so don’t just think it’s a beginners thing, we all make mistakes.

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