Friday finds

Hello friends,

I’m back to share some of the lovely and interesting things the interwebs has to offer. Follow the links until you’re down a rabbit hole and don’t know how you got there. (Oh yeah… that was me). Have a great weekend!

Harrison is coming up with the most amazing things to say. Just last night, without prompting, while sitting next to Roland he said “Groundhogs live underground, Dad!” Now if that’s not worth writing down, I don’t know what is. This neat company has made it easy. I think I’ll be purchasing one of these kinda customizable Quotable notebooks, so we don’t forget a single gem.

quotable book

I love these Butcher Chart Art Prints. I think they’d be lovely in our kitchen.

Story time is one of Harrison’s favourite things. We always read stories before bed (unless he’s extremely tired). I wonder if he’d like this more “organic” version of Good Night Moon: Good night Nanny cam.

I’m not quite in nesting mode, yet. Though I’m getting close. And this diary of a mad nesting woman has me laughing… and slightly worried about where I might find myself at midnight in a few weeks.

With Sprout’s impending arrival, we’re thinking about sprucing up the guest room to turn it into Harrison’s big-boy room. I think he’d appreciate this adorable lesson in how to speak dinsoaur.

I love this chair. If only it was 1/5 the price. :S

An unusual and awesome take on the bump progress photos. Why didn’t I think of that?


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