Friday finds

This post could be subtitled Better Late Than Never. Also, maybe this blog should be called Fits and Starts. Three posts last week, and this is the first one this week? Oh well… as per my blog resolution, not going to feel guilty about it.

pothole garden

Oh my GOODNESS! I love this idea. There’s so much freeze and thaw around here that potholes abound. I wish someone around here was making these gorgeous pothole gardens (perhaps when Spring is around the corner). Genius!

Love is in the air. These free printable cards from Jones Design Company certainly hit the right note.

Contemplating this side table for our basement. Storage and style AND sale. I likey.

Maybe I’m late to the game but Colortopia has this cool tool that let’s you try out paint colours in your own room! It’s called Color my Room. I think I’ll try it out before we paint Harry’s big boy room.

Oyster cloister – love this easy (-looking) DIY by Katie Bower. She’s so creative.


Have a great weekend!


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