Friday Finds

I missed last week’s Friday Finds because husbandman and I went on a short babymoon over the Family Day weekend here in Ontario. We escaped to a ski resort and spa just a short drive from  home. We didn’t do much any skiing, obviously, but definitely took advantage of the spa and a chance to relax and sleep. The highlight for me was getting to show off my 33-week bump in my new dress. Loved it, and made me feel so good. Imagine maternity clothes that fit and look good. Who would’ve thought?

hockley lace dress

But I digress.

So this week you get a double-dose of finds. Lucky you!

In case you hadn’t heard, I have a soft spot for London and the UK. That’s why this DIY Union Jack wall-art from twelveOeight caught my eye. I think I might be able to do this project before baby comes… or maybe once I’m off and have a couple nap-windows each day to do some things around the house.

I love this stylish and functional camera bag. Is it too soon to ask for Mother’s Day presents?

A couple of months ago some friends gave us a chandelier that was too big for their house to try out in our dining room. Turns out it doesn’t work in our room either. But, I have spied something that I think will work. There’s no risk of looking directly at this  Eclipse at West Elm. We just need to check it out in person.

We’re starting to get ready for Sprout to arrive and that’s got me thinking about a new diaper bag. I like the looks and size of this one.

As if welcoming a new baby wasn’t enough of a “project”, we’ve been toying with the idea of updating our mudroom/powder room/laundry room. (At least updating the flooring to start.) Carmel’s “landing spot” transformation in her mudroom at Our Fifth House is so inspirational.

And, if you haven’t seen this yet, you really should see how this creative mom announced the adoption of her “baby” son.

Happy weekend!


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