Sew over it

Wow! Is it just me or are Fridays coming fast and furious these days? No Friday Finds last week, but it was an important day. It was Harry’s second birthday so it was a special day and  a family-filled day… but a busy one!

Speaking of things that went by quickly, my sewing class is already over. The six-week class is just so fast. In the first class, we pretty much just got used to our machines (we were all REALLY newbies for the most part). In the second class we met at a fabric store to pick out our pattern and our required materials. In the third class we just cut our patterns and fabric. It wasn’t until the fourth class that most people started actually sewing anything! That means only 3 classes are reserved for actually sewing anything.

Since I had picked a small project – both in scale and in skill level – I was able to get a bit ahead of the other girls. Because Harry’s PJ bottoms were so small, it was easy to cut the pattern and start sewing all in the same night. That also meant that I had time for another project. I picked another small project, but one that stretched me a little. Opting for something with a zipper and a button!

I picked out a pattern for a sleep sac to make for our little Sprout.

It’s definitely not perfect, but I think it’ll be perfect for our little one.

Check it out!

sleep sac

I’m such a proud mama! I can’t believe I did this. I’m looking forward to another project. I just don’t know what it’ll be yet.

button detail

I love the little green heart button that I found too. It was the perfect finishing touch. You might’ve also noticed that I put the tab on upside down. Oops! Not paying attention and trying to get the project done on the last night, but whatever. I’ll call it whimsy. 🙂

I can’t wait to meet the little cutie pie that’s going to get to snuggle into this made-by-mom creation.

PS: I also tried to snap a picture of Harrison wearing his guitar PJ bottoms that I made as the first project, but first he refused to wear them (in his “no” phase), then he wouldn’t stand still for a picture once I got them on him!


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