Friday finds

Happy Friday everyone! I’m about to enter my last week of work before I’m off to rest nest before the baby arrives. And it’s been clear by my finds this week that nesting is definitely on my mind. Whether its cleaning, organizing or decorating if its got to do with “getting ready” I’m all over it. As in, I am definitely thinking about doing it. Except for the whole actually being ready part. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I don’t have my hospital bag packed yet! So for your enjoyment, this week’s finds are all about nesting or as husbandman calls it, “twigs and fluff” (ie: making a nest).

This gorgeous light fixture caught my eye and got me thinking how beautiful it would be in the nursery if its a girl. And then I saw the price tag.

geranium flower pendant

Our dishwasher has been giving us a bit of grief with some filmy results on some dishes. I’m wondering if this tutorial on how to clean your dishwasher will work for us. I’ll soon find out.

Now that my sewing prowess is undeniable I think I may foray into this next project to keep our bags neat and tidy. Can you imagine what Martha Stewart must’ve been like when she was nesting? Unstoppable! I really think I can tackle this plastic bag organizer without supervision.

Martha really is the queen of home organization and DIY and had this great idea for organizing our guest bathroom that has no room for a towel bar. How smart is this towel bar trio? Why didn’t I think of that?

Another item on my seemingly endless must-do-before-baby-comes list is making and freezing food and meals for us so that life as a family of four is just a little easier. Of course, Martha to the rescue again. These food freezing labels will be perfect for keeping me organized. And ooh how pretty!

Speaking of organized, I stumbled on all kinds of free printables. Who doesn’t love that? Thanks to “A Typical English Home” blog.

And anyone who is a mom can relate to most of these mommy memes.

mommy luxuries

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday finds

  1. Hey Heath, just remember most doors are hollow core… Meaning not much to support hanging damp towels from. Even with “anchors or plugs”… just a heads up 🙂

    • Yeah I know… just thought it was a neat idea. I think our doors are hollow core so it’s not the greatest solution for us. But do you know what I think is? Complete overhaul!!! *insert evil laugh here

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