Friday Finds

Another week come and gone already, but this Friday my friends is especially awesome because it marks my last day of work for a year! Now I’m just in nesting and waiting mode for little Sprout to arrive. Then the real fun begins!

Sarah's master bedroom

I can’t believe that this is really Sarah Richardson’s master bedroom. It seems a little jarring to me, but Sarah is definitely daring. Just look how her taste has changed in her own home over the years.

I love giving and receiving books as baby gifts. If you’ve got a mother-to-be on your list, check out this great collection from Pregnant Chicken.

This is just plain silliness. Husbandman sent me this (fake) article about the Papal conclave that had me nearly peeing my pants laughing. Ahh… the Onion. Well done.

I happened across more great dinosaur art for Harrison’s big boy room. How am I going to choose?

This new gadget seems like just the thing for those “where the heck did I put that?” moments. I see many of them in my sleep-deprived, new-mom, baby-brained future.

I already mentioned a Kelly Moore bag in a previous Finds, but this one just might take the cake. A camera and diaper bag?!! Awesome.

I’m hosting Easter dinner this year and this Tulip and Pussy-Willow Centrepiece tutorial from The Yellow Cape Cod seems easy enough that even I could do it. I love how soft and pretty it looks.

Have a great weekend!


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