The cutest excuse

As you might have guessed, our little Sprout has arrived. He, yes HE!, is the reason for my absence and the lack of posts.


Foster James Michael was born on April 1st at 12:25 am weighing 7 lbs 11 oz. And he was a very long 21 inches. He is a great baby, but posts will likely continue to be light as I get the hang of things again and settle into a new routine.

We have had lots of help and lots of visitors and well-wishers. I’m looking forward to May being a warmer month so Foster and I can get out a bit more. I don’t know how spring has been in your neck of the woods, but here it snowed on April 24th!

I still can’t believe I have two boys, but I’m feeling so blessed!


2 thoughts on “The cutest excuse

  1. I just received the birth announcement card, thank you- it is a beautiful photo of your newest sweetie. Hope Mir gives he and Harrison a cuddle from me next week.

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